Duluth Chapter of the Knights of St. Andrew


Each Chapter of the Knights of St. Andrew are attached to a Valley within the Scottish Rite and is subordinate to that Valley; its purpose being a service organization to its Mother Consistory. There is no other higher governing body. Each Chapter adopts its own by-laws and determines its own membership requirements. The Knights of St. Andrew is open to all 32° "Black Hat" Scottish Rite Masons who are members in good standing of the Scottish Rite.  Knights pledge to be active members in their Valley functions and to be of service to their needs as required.

  • You must be a 32° Mason to join. Our 32° KCCH and 33° members are not eligible to join, but subsequent to their advancement retain their KSA membership status.
  • You must be a member in good standing in the Scottish Rite.
  • You must desire to assist in the growth of the Fraternity.
  • You must be committed to protecting the longevity of our Fraternity.
  • You must, with firm dedication and will, desire to promote the work of Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.

If you meet all of the requirements above and desire to join the Order, you may request a petition from any Knight. You may also email the Adjutant of our Order to request a petition. If your petition is accepted by the Order, you will be invited to join us and will be knighted by the Knight Commander.

History of our Order


Visions, shipwrecks and quests have, in one way or another, played a role in linking Saint Andrew to Scotland; but only the hard evidence is what remains to interpret as fact.  Relics from the body of Saint Andrew were carried to a site on the east coast of Scotland, which would become St. Andrews.  From the time these relics were brought to Scotland, numerous visions involving safe passage or victory in battle have been chronicled, giving substance to Saint Andrew being the Patron Saint of Scotland.

Scottish soldiers fighting in the Crusades honored Saint Andrew as the Patron of Christian Knighthood. William Wallace, as he led the Scots into battle against the English, declared “Saint Andrew mote us speed”, meaning “May Saint Andrew support us.” At the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314, Scottish soldiers wore the Cross of Saint Andrew on their tunics and prayed before the battle, invoking Saint Andrew’s protection.

Dedication to Service


The Knights of Saint Andrew is an organization dedicated to serve the Saint Paul Valley and to enrich the experience of the Scottish Rite for each of its members.  We are guided by the Nine Knightly Virtues of a Knight of Saint Andrew and are open to receiving new members; the only stipulations are that the Brother must be a member in good standing of the Saint Paul Valley and that he is a 32° Scottish Rite Freemason.  If you are interested in membership, please contact the Valley Secretary or the Excellent Master for the KSA.

source: http://scottish-rite-mn.org/

Order your Knights of St. Andrew’s Medals, Pins, and Certificates

Duluth Chapter of the Knights of St. Andrew
a peaceful harbor and a well-grounded place to anchor.

Our building serves as a community center and a fulcrum for Freemasonry in Duluth, Minnesota which includes four Masonic Lodges: Palestine, Ionic, Euclid, and Glen Avon, the Duluth Valley Scottish Rite, the York Rite Bodies of Duluth, Ela-Ala Grotto (MOVPER), North Star College (SRICF) of Rosicrucians, Order of the Eastern Star, Daughters of the Nile, and Duluth DeMolay.

4 W 2nd St Duluth, MN 55802
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