The Duluth Valley has instituted a program to increase the awareness of, and communication between, the Valley and our Blue Lodges in Northern Minnesota.  This new program has been named the “Double Eagle” program.

The Double Eagles act as a bridge between the Scottish Rite and the Blue Lodges. They serve as a conduit to inform the Blue Lodges of the activities of the Scottish Rite in Northern Minnesota, work on programs that will be of joint benefit to the two Masonic bodies and, most importantly, act as an informational body to assist Blue Lodge Brethren in their journey into further light in Masonry.

Members appointed to serve the Valley in this capacity will be named a “Double Eagle” and take upon themselves the following obligation:

  • To act as a liaison between the Scottish Rite and the Blue Lodges
  • To assist Master Masons in advancing to the Scottish Rite
  • To assist other committees of the Scottish Rite in member retention
  • To act as a vehicle to communicate Scottish Rite events to the Blue Lodges
  • To act as an outreach contact to Blue Lodges in the outlying areas

It is hoped that with this program we can increase and retain membership and develop an effective outreach program to Lodges that have not had an active presence in the Duluth Valley.

Duluth Valley Double Eagle Chair
Bruce Carson, 32° K.C.C.H.


Members and their appointed Lodges to be announced here shortly!


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