That which we do for ourselves dies with us . . . that which we do for others lives forever.
— Albert Pike, 33°

Minnesota Masonic Charities

Minnesota Masonic Charities is a nonprofit organization that contributes charitable donations to causes of all types; aiding other Masons, their families and all people within society.

The Minnesota Masonic family contributes more than $25,000 a day to charitable organizations. They are committed to supporting cancer research and treatment, providing scholarships to ensure the future, providing caring senior housing communities for our elders and strengthening the communities of Minnesota.

Our size, resources and capabilities rank Masonic Charities as one of the largest grant-making organizations in the state. From matching funds for Lodge and Chapter neighborhood projects, to major grants for hospitals, children’s clinics, senior care facilities, cancer research, education and much more, MMC reflects the generosity of Minnesota Masons. Learn more at

Duluth Scottish Rite Clinic

The development and use of communication and language is at the heart of young children's learning. Without language, there is no thinking, planning, problem solving, or communication with others.

The Scottish Rite Clinic mission is to provide state-of-the-art services at no cost to young children who are in need of improving communication abilities and increasing their learning potential.  

The Clinic invites you to call us at 218.720.3911. They are there to provide the services you and your child need as you journey toward better hearing, speaking and understanding.

Learn more at:

Minnesota Masonic Charities Scholarships Program

The Masonic Fraternity promotes the growth of each member by encouraging morality, virtue and a dedication to humanitarian and philanthropic endeavors. For over 50 years, Minnesota Masonry has provided college scholarships for graduating Minnesota high school seniors who embody the values of the Fraternity.

As the charitable organization of Minnesota Masonry, Minnesota Masonic Charities (MMC) continues that tradition by offering scholarship opportunities to the state's most worthy students. Our size, resources and capabilities rank us as one of the largest grant-making organizations in Minnesota.

Find out about our many scholarship opportunities here!

Scottish Rite Almoner's Fund


Charity is the great virtue of mankind. The Scottish Rite practices this virtue through their Almoner's Fund. After each meeting, in the annual dues statement, and through bequests and other gifts; the Valley maintains Funds to anonymously help those with immediate or emergency needs. The Almoner helps to give directly, with no administrative costs, to those who are in real distress. Please contact our Almoner below if you would like to make a contribution or know of someone in need.

Scottish Rite Almoner Valley of Duluth
Paul Gunderson, 33° I.G.H.
Email  or (218) 722-1803 

Grotto Dr. of Smiles


The Grottoes of North America Humanitarian Foundation believes that children with special needs should live life as fully and as independently as possible. We are passionately committed to helping alleviate the suffering and improving children's quality of life by providing dental care for those who otherwise might go without, One Smile at a Time.

Find a Dr. of Smiles Near You!

Duluth Masonic Center - a peaceful harbor and a well-grounded place to anchor.

Our building serves as a community center and a fulcrum for Freemasonry in Duluth, Minnesota which includes four Masonic Lodges: Palestine, Ionic, Euclid, and Glen Avon, the Duluth Valley Scottish Rite, the York Rite Bodies of Duluth, Ela-Ala Grotto (MOVPER), North Star College (SRICF) of Rosicrucians, Order of the Eastern Star, Daughters of the Nile, and Duluth DeMolay.

4 W 2nd St Duluth, MN 55802 (218)-722-2420